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Quick Fire Questions: Jess Crofts

Find more about our co-founder and director Jess!
📸Boots and Hooves Photography

1.What’s your favourite equestrian moment?

Pippa Hawksfield making the podium in the Hickstead British Novice (90cms) – celebrations went on for weeks!

2. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Hiding mistakes. Everyone makes them – own up and move on!

3. Fav food?
Potatoes, in any form, although if I had to order them top 3 would defs be roast, chips and dauphinoise.

4. Fav horse show to attend ?
Hickstead for sure – either the Derby or the RIHS, I’m not fussy!

5. Dogs or cats?

6. Pets you have at the moment?
Our black lab Mara, who can occasionally be seen modelling on the Stride insta!

7. How many cups of tea/coffee do you drink a day?
Only one or two coffees – more of a diet coke girl….

8. Funniest thing you’ve ever seen at a horse show
Far too many to choose from….

9. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?
Hmmmmm…Anyone who lives on a hot country, I need the sun!

10.If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you?
Shamefully my phone, it is attached to me far more then it should be, and a life time supply of diet cokes (has to be cans, not bottles!)

11. Morning or night person?
I was always very much a night person – until I went into business with Pippa who starts functioning at an ungodly hour. Now I’m lucky if I make it to 10pm!!


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