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HORSE & HOUND Kirstie Leightley’s international showjumping vlog: welcome to my life in France with one of the world’s top riders

This is my first H&H Vlog, in fact it’s my first ever vlog of any kind! So I guess a very good place to start is with who I am. I’m Kirstie Leightley, I am a showjumper and I live and breathe my job.

I’m lucky enough to be the stable jockey at Guy Williams’ yard out here in France, so I really do get opportunities to ride some of the most amazing horses, which I absolutely love. I have been here for three years and before that, was based with Portuguese rider Joao Charlesworth in the UK.

I don’t come from a particularly horsey family but I do come from a very supportive one. Growing up, my parents have always been there to support me with my riding, despite wanting me to follow the traditional route of A levels followed by university, I made the decision having finished my A levels to pursue a full-time career in showjumping.

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