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HORSE & HOUND Coral Keen’s eventing blog: ‘If you get it right everytime, you won’t learn anything new’

After a successful weekend at the office for Team Keen, Farley Hall has really become one of my favourite events. I would just like to say thank you to everyone that helped over the weekend — it was refreshing being around so many friendly people! I have huge respect for the people that run these events as they are still helpful even when the pressure of competing can bring out the bad side of people. It was great to have the success at Farley Hall after the downs we encountered at Bramham.

If I look back to Bramham, it was an event full of emotions. April (pictured at Blenheim last year) seemed to be on flying form during the build-up. I gave her the Saturday off prior to the event and when I went to ride her on the Sunday she was tied up on the yard bucking! She was obviously feeling super fit and fresh, and appeared to be showing no signs of feeling unwell. Even though it is always great seeing a horse this excited about life, it got me wondering how I was going to tame the beast!

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