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HORSE AND HOUND with Coral Keen: an utterly heartbreaking decision



This week I thought I would talk through how I like to plan my events, the importance of setting goals and an update of how ‘Team Keen’ are getting on with eventing in 2018 so far.

I find, like many other event riders, that it is great to map out a competition plan for each of my horses and have some key aims to work towards. This of course can quite often need a fairly flexible approach, as nothing in eventing can ever be set in stone. But I always like to have an overall target to work towards. I find this helps keep me focused and when goals are fulfilled the whole team gets a real boost for all their efforts.

My main targets will usually consist of a key spring and autumn event. This then allows the horses to have their mid-season break. I will work back from these feature dates planning prep runs and assuring I am qualified. However, I think it is always good to remember that just because you are qualified, it doesn’t mean the horses are automatically ready for the next level. For me this is just the minimum requirement, a guide, but at the end of the day you need to know your horse and we as riders have the ultimate responsibility of making the call to move the horse up a level.

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