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HORSE AND HOUND with Coral Keen: an incredible opportunity that didn’t go to plan


Representing my country, for me as a rider, is an aim I am constantly reaching for and a pinnacle moment for any horse on the yard. I have now had time to reflect on my first team experience for 2018, and as so often is the way with eventing, nothing was as expected.

I could not have been more thrilled to have been selected to go to Strzegom, on the Nations Cup team, with my amazing partner Derby (Wellshead Fare Opposition). He is such a brilliant horse — every time ride him I feel so grateful to be sat on such a wonderful eventer and we know each other so well. It is also great for my whole team at home, my owners and my sponsors to get a chance to compete at this level and it brings such a buzz to the yard.

Eventing, for many of us for much of our career, is an individual sport. We have our own support teams, a plan for our horses as well as event targets. Being on a team is a completely different story, and one perhaps we as riders do not get enough exposure to. This is why getting to these Nations Cup events is so valuable, as you gain vital team competition experience.

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