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£250,000 raised for the NHS

After a nail-biting week of events, Team Hickstead Showjumping South placed joint 3rd!

Daisy participated in the Bake Off Easter Showstopper and Horse Drawn events. She did well in the Bake Off, placing 6th and scoring 14 points for her team. Unfortunately, she did not do as well in her Horse Drawn event, where she came last – we still think it’s a winner as her painting was still auctioned off for £330! Check out her painting which can be seen on the right.

For his events, Shane came 5th in the “Plankety Plank” event, clocking in an impressive time of 5 minutes and 23 seconds. Shane also participated in the “Dark Horse” event where he showed off his hidden talent for drumming – scoring 18 points for his team.

After a great week, we are proud that our clients have participated in this great event that raised £250,000 for our NHS workers. A big thank you to Nina Barbour and everyone at the Bolesworth team who put this whole thing together!


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